How to get Beatdown glove in Slap Battles

Slap Battles’ glove collection sees further expansion with the introduction of Beatdown in the March 2024 update. True to tradition, this glove remains locked by default, prompting the need for a walkthrough on unlocking the Beatdown glove in Slap Battles.

How to unlock Beatdown glove

Unlocking the Beatdown glove is a relatively straightforward process, requiring a total of 40,000 slaps in Slap Battles. If you’re new to the game, you start with a basic glove devoid of any special abilities. To deliver stronger slaps, an upgraded glove is necessary. A No One-Shot Server proves advantageous for locating superior gloves. On this server, players can withstand multiple hits before succumbing, providing ample opportunities to engage in slapping encounters.

Once you accumulate 40,000 slaps, navigate to the spawn area and locate the Beatdown glove to claim it. Unfortunately, completion of the primary objective does not yield any badges, unlike the Blasphemy and Pan Glove.

Beatdown glove ability and stats

The ability of the Beatdown glove is termed “Summon Stand,” which summons a stand adjacent to your character upon activation. This stand continuously tracks your movements, following your character’s trajectory. Upon summoning the stand, press the left mouse button to execute a slap maneuver, initiating a subsequent cutscene. During this cutscene, the opponent is subjected to a beatdown, resulting in the loss of most limbs and a brief stun thereafter.

Here are the stats of the Beatdown glove:

It’s worth noting that whether successful in hitting an opponent or not, the stand dissipates after use. The Beatdown glove demonstrates commendable performance during transfer and execution, significantly increasing the likelihood of hitting players and altering the course of the battle. Notably, this glove serves as a viable counter to the God’s Hand ability in Slap Battles.

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