How To Get And Use Spice in Nightingale

Crafting is a significant aspect of Nightingale‘s gameplay, requiring players to gather resources to create essential items. Spice is among the items players can craft, and here’s how to obtain and use it in the game.

How to Obtain Spice in Nightingale

Crafting in Nightingale necessitates the construction of specific stations. To produce Spice, players need a Refined Mortar Station, whose schematics can only be obtained from the Essense Trader of a Provisioner realm. Building a Refined Mortar Station requires:

  • 3x Lumber
  • 4x Carved Stone
  • 2x Stone, Mineral, Gem, or Pigment

Once players have the Refined Mortar Station, they can use it to create Spice. This process requires 10 Raw Spice to produce 5 pieces of Spice. Raw Spice can be obtained by defeating horned variants of Bound enemies found exclusively in Provisioner realms. After collecting enough Bound Ichor, players can return to their station and craft Spice.

To summarize the process:

  • Travel to a Provisioner Realm and construct a Refined Mortar Station.
  • Defeat the horned variety of Bound enemy to collect Bound Ichor.
  • Use Bound Ichor to craft Spice at the Refined Mortar Station.

Alternatively, players can purchase Spice from the Essence trader in the Provisioner realm. Spices are primarily used to add various buffs to cooked foods in the game.

That covers everything regarding crafting and using Spice in Nightingale. Be sure to visit our website for more guides and articles.

Nightingale is available on PC.

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