How to Get and Spend Gold Coins in Palworld

Hey fellow Pal-trepreneurs, ready to dive into the golden realm of Palworld finances? Well, let’s talk Gold Coins – those elusive treasures that flutter into your pockets during raids and enemy brawls. But what’s the scoop on how to snag them and, more importantly, where to splash that shiny cash? Buckle up, we’re about to embark on a gold-digging adventure!

How to Get Gold Coins in Palworld

Now, listen up, Gold Coins are like that jackpot you stumble upon while raiding Syndicate Soldiers or roaming the wild. Smack ’em down, and you’ll be rolling in gold, ammo, medicine, and a bunch of other loot. Looting chests scattered around the world is another ticket to Gold Coin city. But, heads up, some chests demand keys, which you can find in regular treasure chests or by giving baddies a beatdown.

And here’s a pro-tip: once you cozy up with merchants, cash in by selling items, even your Pals. It’s like your own Pal bazaar, letting you trade with merchants or hoard gold for a rainy day.

Where to Spend Gold Coins in Palworld

Time to splash that cash! Head over to the Small Settlement at coordinates (72, -486), where two NPCs are ready to deal. One’s slinging seeds and crafting recipes, while the other is in the Pal business. But don’t stop there; venture into Duneshelter (357, 346) and Fisherman’s Point (-479, -745) for more merchant goodness. Just watch out for higher-level Pals and enemies in these areas; it’s like the big leagues.

If your pockets are light, sell your unwanted items to these merchants, get those Gold Coins flowing, and snag that dream item. Quick cash for a Pal? Now that’s what I call a transaction with heart.

How to Farm Gold Coins in Palworld

Now, here’s the gold mine – literally. Set up a Ranch, toss in a Mau or Mau Crysts, and watch the Gold Coins flow like a Pal-powered slot machine. Ranches are a cinch to build, and Mau, though a bit elusive, are worth the hunt. Vixy, on the other hand, is your go-to if you’re still a Palworld newbie – not as flashy as a Mau, but it drops Gold Coins, Pal Spheres, and Leather. Sell the extras, and you’ve got yourself a mini gold farm.

And there you have it, the lowdown on Gold Coins in Palworld. Whether you’re raiding, trading, or farming, may your pockets be forever heavy with that golden glow.

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