How To Get And Breed Kitsun in Palworld

Kitsun, a fire-type companion in Palworld, proves invaluable for exploration. Mounted on Kitsun, you remain unaffected by extreme temperatures, making it an excellent addition to your Pal Team due to its robust stats in attack, defense, and HP. However, obtaining Kitsun can be challenging, so let’s explore how to catch or breed Kitsun in Palworld.

How To Acquire Kitsun in Palworld

You can encounter and capture Kitsun around Frostbound Mountain during the night. Typically, Kitsun appears as a level 30+ pal. As a fire-type pal, it’s vulnerable to water-type pals like Relaxaurus, Surfent, Suzaku Aqua, or Broncherry Aqua.

How To Breed Kitsun in Palworld

Here are some straightforward breeding combinations for Kitsun:

1. Tanzee + Nitewing

Both Tanzees and Nitewings frequent Windswept Hills. Tanzees are usually level 5, while Nitewings hover around level 11. This combination offers the easiest route to obtain Kitsun since both pals are readily available for capture and breeding.

2. Rooby + Penking

Roobys inhabit Marsh Island, Sea Breeze Archipelago, Verdant Brook, and Forgotten Island. While Roobys are relatively easy to capture, acquiring a Penking poses a challenge as they’re exclusive to Southern Sanctuary. However, you can breed a Penking using combos like Cinnamoth and Surfent or Cinnamoth and Elphidran. Despite the effort, Penking proves valuable for breeding various valuable pals in Palworld, including Kitsun.

3. Penking + Rushoar

If Penking resides in your Pal Deck, this combo offers another straightforward breeding path for Kitsun. Rushoar can be easily captured in the starting area, Windswept Hills.

Capturing Kitsun holds significance for two main reasons. Firstly, Kitsun serves as an excellent exploration companion, granting immunity to extreme temperatures. This advantage is particularly beneficial if high-tier armor is unavailable for exploring the hottest and coldest areas on the map.

Secondly, Kitsun enables the breeding of powerful pals in Palworld, such as Shadowbeak, Leezpunk, Broncherry, and Maraith. For instance, breeding Kitsun with Astegon yields a Shadowbeak, while pairing Kitsun with Melpaca results in a Broncherry.

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