How to Get All Ultimate Weapons in Persona 3 Reload

If one desires to achieve peak power in Persona 3 Reload, they must diligently pursue the acquisition of the ultimate weapons for their team. This entails a lengthy process of Persona fusion and gathering specific items, all of which are detailed below.

All Ultimate Weapons and How to Get Them

Each character possesses a weapon that surpasses all others in terms of attack power and boasts a potent passive effect. These are known as the Ultimate Weapons and can be obtained from the Mayoido Antique shop later in the game.

Crafting these weapons requires obtaining base Ore, with the most crucial material being the Heart Item. Each weapon necessitates a Heart Item from a late-game Persona, necessitating the fusion of these Personas and sufficient leveling before crafting.

Additionally, rare drops obtained by farming enemies in higher Tartarus floors and completing requests are required, making acquiring them more of an endgame objective. Since weapons can be carried over to New Game + (except on Merciless difficulty), they can be utilized in subsequent playthroughs.

Below are all the best weapons for each character in the game, along with their required materials.

Protagonist – Lucifer’s Blade

  • Required Persona: Lucifer
  • Passive: All stats +7/+Magic Ability
  • Materials: x1 Dead Moon’s Husk, x1 Fallen Angel Wing, x10 Gold Quartz, x10 Ruby

Junpei – Masakado’s Katana

  • Required Persona: Masakado
  • Passive: All Stats +5/+Apt Pupil
  • Materials: x1 Dead Moon’s Husk, x1 Emperor’s Sake Cup, x5 Gold Quartz, x5 Ruby

Yukari – Quintessence Bow

  • Required Persona: Chi You
  • Passive: Auto-Concentrate
  • Materials: x1 Nihil Black Model, x1 Bull Warrior Horns, x5 Gold Quartz, x3 Ruby

Akihiko – Evil Gloves

  • Required Persona: Mara
  • Passive: +Auto Heat Riser
  • Materials: x1 Nihil White Model, x1 Mara’s Head, x5 Gold Quartz, x3 Ruby

Mitsuru – Kokuseki Seijin

  • Required Persona: Alilat
  • Passive: All stats+5/+Ali Dance
  • Materials: x1 Dead Moon’s Husk, x1 Black Pillar Shard, x5 Gold Quartz, x5 Ruby

Aigis – Metatronius

  • Required Persona: Metatron
  • Passive: All stats +5/+Arms Master
  • Materials: x1 Dead Moon’s Husk, x1 Contract’s Angel Wing, x5 Gold Quartz, x10 Diamond

Koromaru – Vajra

  • Required Persona: Asura
  • Passive: All stats+9/+Ali Dance
  • Materials: x1 Dead Moon’s Husk, x1 Carnage King’s Gear, x5 Gold Quartz, x10 Diamond

Ken – Pinaka

  • Required Persona: Shiva
  • Passive: +100 HP and SP
  • Materials: x1 Nihil White Model, x1 Destroyer’s Drums, x5 Gold Quartz, x3 Ruby

Shinjiro – Mjolnir

  • Required Persona: Thor
  • Passive: Strength +7/+Shock (High)
  • Materials: x1 Ergotite Shard, x1 Thunder Whetstone, x10 Topaz

How to Get the Materials for Ultimate Weapons

To acquire all ultimate weapons, you’ll need the following materials, most of which can be obtained in the Adamah Tartarus block.

  • x5 Dead Moon’s Husk
  • x1 Nihil Black Model
  • x2 Nihil White Model
  • x1 Ergotite Shard
  • x29 Ruby
  • x45 Gold Quartz
  • x10 Diamond
  • x10 Topaz

Base ores and Gold Quartz are acquired by defeating Tartarus Floor Bosses or completing Elizabeth’s requests. Ruby is a rare drop from Eternal Eagle, Diamond drops from Platinum Dice in Adamah, and Topaz is obtained from Carnal Snakes.

These items can also be found randomly in chests, so you may already have some even without specifically farming for them. However, encountering the specific monsters and obtaining the drops can be challenging.

Your best approach is to venture into Tartarus during the nights to respawn random events and utilize the Fortune Teller to spawn rare enemies for extra rewards.

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