How to get a Sengoku-era Helm for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload

If you’ve been attentive during class in Persona 3 Reload, securing a Sengoku Era Helm for Elizabeth should be a straightforward task.

For those who might have missed crucial details in class, let’s provide a quick rundown of what needs to be done, particularly where you need to go, to locate one. Acquiring the Sengoku-era helm might pose a slight challenge not because it’s difficult to find—it’s actually quite straightforward if you’ve been paying attention—but rather because it may take some time before it’s in your possession.

Persona 3 Reload Request 75: Bring me a Sengoku-era helm

Upon accepting Elizabeth’s request in Persona 3 Reload, head over to Gekkoukan High School. Arrive after school hours and proceed to the first floor (1F), making your way to the Faculty Office situated in the westernmost wing of the school’s first floor. Access the Faculty Office to receive a message regarding Elizabeth’s request.

Upon entry, you’ll encounter a cutscene featuring a teacher named Mr. Ono. You’ll need to visit the office every day after school until Mr. Ono eventually provides you with the helm. It’s expected to take approximately seven attempts before obtaining the item. Once you’ve acquired it, return to Elizabeth at the Velvet Room to claim your reward of seven Twilight Fragments.

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