How to get a Rune of Creation in Last Epoch

Enhancing your equipment is crucial in any gaming experience, especially in action RPGs like Last Epoch. Without improving your gear, tackling the toughest endgame challenges will remain out of reach. Among the various crafting mechanisms in the game, one particular rune stands out—the Rune of Creation.

Let’s delve into what the Rune of Creation accomplishes in Last Epoch and how you can obtain one.

What does the Rune of Creation do?

In Last Epoch, the Rune of Creation duplicates an existing item perfectly when consumed. This duplication process results in an identical copy of the original item. However, both the duplicate and the original item will have their Forging Potential reduced to zero. Consequently, once the rune is used, you won’t be able to further craft or modify the equipment. Nevertheless, duplicating potent items like dual-handed weapons or rings can significantly bolster your arsenal.

The Rune of Creation is widely regarded as the most potent rune in Last Epoch, drawing parallels to Path of Exile’s famed Mirror of Kalandra. Like its PoE counterpart, the Rune of Creation is exceptionally rare and doesn’t drop frequently.


To utilize a Rune of Creation, ensure that the item you intend to duplicate has at least one Forging Potential. You cannot use the rune on an item with zero Forging Potential. Additionally, confirm that the affixes for the item are satisfactory, as they will be locked once the rune is applied.

How to get a Rune of Creation

Similar to other runes in Last Epoch, you can acquire a Rune of Creation by defeating enemies throughout the game world. However, unlike its counterparts, this particular rune is not easy to come by. While some players have reported finding a couple of Runes of Creation during their gameplay, they remain considerably rare compared to other runes, such as those in Path of Exile.

Boosting your item drop chance, perhaps through modifiers like Resonances, can increase your likelihood of encountering a Rune of Creation. Although undeniably valuable in single-player mode, Runes of Creation hold even greater significance in multiplayer settings. In multiplayer, you can duplicate well-crafted items for use on alternate characters or for trading purposes at the Merchant’s Guild.

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