How to get a Legendary/Mythical Grimoire in Grimoires Era

In Grimoires Era on Roblox, players can embark on adventures reminiscent of the anime Black Clover. They can acquire items, engage in various quests, and customize their avatars to reflect their personalities.

What is the Legendary Grimoire in Grimoires Era?

In Grimoires Era, players have the chance to acquire legendary or mythical grimoires through a gacha mechanic, but reaching at least level 30 is advisable.

Acquiring these grimoires is challenging, so don’t be disheartened if you obtain something common. Grimoires are valuable items used in battles to inflict substantial damage on enemies. As your combat level increases, so should the quality of your grimoires. It’s essential to upgrade your grimoires as you progress to maximize your damage output.

Collecting legendary or mythical grimoires empowers players to unleash formidable power.

Where is the Grimoire Dealer in Grimoires Era?

To find the legendary grimoire, players must interact with the Grimoire Dealer located at Grimoire Tower. Initially, players should approach the NPC dealer to the left of the spawn point to obtain their first grimoire.

Follow these steps to locate the Grimoire Dealer:

  • Spot a sign straight ahead on the right, near NPC “Quest Giver 1.”
  • Turn left onto the path.
  • Proceed down the path, then turn right.
  • Cross the bridge.
  • Pass the nearby NPC.
  • Cross a second bridge.
  • Identify Grimoire Tower, surrounded by a green haze.
  • Enter the tower to find the Grimoire Dealer.

Interacting with the Grimoire Dealer allows players to spin for a grimoire. There’s a 0.9 percent chance to spin for a legendary grimoire and a 0.1 percent chance for a mythical grimoire. Don’t lose hope if you don’t get one immediately; persistence is key. While some have obtained legendary grimoires after a few spins, their rarity means you may need to keep trying until you acquire your first mythical or legendary grimoire.

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