How to fuse Messiah in Persona 3 Reload

In Persona 3 Reload, the fusion allies you amass wield immense power, essential for enduring the most daunting endgame encounters. Here’s our comprehensive guide on fusing Messiah, widely regarded as the pinnacle of strength in Persona 3 Reload.

Persona 3 Reload – how to fuse Messiah

Most personas possess discernible weaknesses, yet Messiah appears to lack any notable drawbacks. The one I fused boasts immunity to physical attacks, repels Light and Dark affinities, and exhibits resistance to the remaining elemental types. To summon Messiah, merge Orpheus and Thanatos while meeting the necessary level prerequisites.

As the game reaches its climax, amidst the darkest moments, you’ll receive notification of the ability to fuse the Messiah persona. However, the fusion recipe remains undisclosed, posing a challenging puzzle to decipher. Thanatos stands as a formidable persona in its own right, only attainable towards the game’s conclusion. Conversely, Orpheus accompanies you from the onset of the campaign, often overlooked in favor of other personas.

To fuse Messiah, your character’s level must reach 91 or higher (in theory). Yet, such formidable strength is unlikely to be imperative before the game’s conclusion. A strategic shortcut involves drawing a specific Major Arcana card during your Tartarus expedition. The Sun card facilitates persona fusion at a level 5 tiers above your current level for the duration of your current run. Consequently, your character merely needs to attain a minimum level of 86, significantly reducing the grind. Despite employing accessories and numerous Shuffle Time encounters, attaining the required level still demands considerable effort, particularly on the higher floors.

Upon fusing Messiah, the Judgement Social Link augments its base level, granting additional skills and attributes alongside those inherited from Thanatos. For instance, my fusion incorporated Regenerate 3 and Invigorate 3, replenishing HP and SP partially each turn, respectively. Additionally, Null Phys was bestowed to nullify physical attacks. The Magic Ability enhancement, amplifying non-Almighty skills by 25%, typically manifests at level 97 or higher, though I have yet to activate it. Nonetheless, I maintain Messiah within my active roster and recommend you do the same.

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