How to fuse Helel in Persona 3 Reload

The personas you fuse in Persona 3 Reload play a crucial role in your survival during the endgame, with some acting as stepping stones to more potent fusions. In line with this, here is our guide on how to fuse Helel in Persona 3 Reload.

Persona 3 Reload – how to fuse Helel

In the later stages of the game, you’ll discover the potential to create remarkably powerful personas. While these personas are valuable in their own right, they can also serve as ingredients for even more advanced fusions. Helel, for instance, brings along Salvation, my preferred healing spell in the game. Furthermore, you can use Helel to craft the formidable Lucifer (given the abundance of angels towards the game’s conclusion). To fuse Helel, you must maximize the Star Social Link, attain a sufficient level, and merge appropriate weaker personas.

The Star Social Link necessitates seeing through the culmination of the Rival Athlete storyline. Mamoru Hayase, an athlete from another school whom I encountered quite late in the campaign, can be found several afternoons each week at the Strip Mall. If you’re pressed for time to complete his social link, you may have access to the Dating Site Note by then. This item, obtainable at Club Escapade, facilitates connections between meetings with your friends.

Once you’ve maxed out the Star Social Link, you’ll encounter several potential fusion combinations. I personally utilized Mother Harlot and Susano-O. Alternative options include Beelzebub and Ananta, or Asura and Arahabaki. Primarily, mastering the art of fusing high-level personas is crucial to obtaining compatible ingredients.

Helel can be fused once your character reaches level 88. If you haven’t attained that level yet, you can employ the Sun Major Arcana card to expedite the process. This card enables you to recruit personas that are five levels above your current level, provided you activate it during a Tartarus run.

Helel boasts the ability to absorb energy from Dark and Light attacks, proving invaluable towards the end of the game. It serves as a safeguard against immediate game over scenarios that would otherwise result from such attacks. Moreover, physical assaults pose no significant threat. I recommend maintaining Helel on your active team even after fusing Lucifer.

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