How to fix the Voice Chat not working error in Destiny 2

Teamwork is essential in Destiny 2. Typically, players rely on voice chat to stay coordinated. However, when voice chat in Destiny 2 malfunctions, it can disrupt communication among squad members.

Regardless of your headset or microphone, you’ll encounter voice chat issues at some point. From personal experience, the most frustrating scenario is when you’re unaware that no one can hear you in the voice chat for an extended period. This happened to me in Destiny 2; suddenly, I couldn’t hear anyone, and no one could hear me. While some might quickly recognize the problem, I mistakenly assumed I was being ignored, leading to an hour of silence.

When I finally realized I was facing the voice chat not working error in Destiny 2, I promptly resolved it using the following methods.

Resolve in-game voice chat in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 generally detects your peripherals well, but it may become confused if you have multiple devices connected to your PC.

Disable alternative speakers and recording devices

Disabling alternative recording devices and speakers allows Destiny 2 to focus on your primary ones.

  • Search for Control Panel in Windows.
  • Open Control Panel and navigate to Hardware and Sound.
  • Access Sound settings.
  • Manually disable all unused audio devices on both the Playback and Recording tabs.

Before exiting, right-click on your primary devices and select “Set as Default Communication Device.” After disabling alternative sources, relaunch Destiny 2 and attempt to use voice chat again.

Explore alternative communication solutions

In most cases, the aforementioned fix resolves the voice chat not working error in Destiny 2. However, there may be instances when the error persists. In such situations, consider temporarily switching to a third-party app for voice communications until Bungie releases an official fix. When Destiny 2’s servers experience issues, services like voice chat may also be affected before the entire game goes offline.

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