How to fix the ESP-RPA error in Fortnite

Fortnite boasts an impressive uptime, but its reliability takes a hit during content releases. When Epic Games rolls out large patches, their servers experience increased loads due to the influx of players, leading to errors like ESP-RPA.

Encountering the ESP-RPA error in Fortnite coincided with one of the game’s largest content releases in my experience. Recognizing it as potentially server-related, I conducted quick research confirming my suspicion, enabling me to explore potential fixes.

Here’s what you need to know about the ESP-RPA error in Fortnite and some troubleshooting steps you can take.

What does the ESP-RPA error mean in Fortnite?

The ESP-RPA error typically occurs when Fortnite’s servers are down or undergoing maintenance. It often coincides with or precedes content releases, indicating a connection to Fortnite updates.

In many cases, resolving the ESP-RPA error requires action from Epic Games as it’s a server-side issue. However, if Fortnite is operational and you’re still encountering the error, there are some potential fixes to try.

Fixes for the ESP-RPA error in Fortnite

The quickest solution for the ESP-RPA error in Fortnite is to reset your router. Before attempting this, though, ensure to check Fortnite’s server status. If the servers are down, manual fixes won’t be effective, necessitating a wait for Epic to release a hotfix.

If the servers are operational but you continue encountering the ESP-RPA error, consider the following fixes:

Restart your gaming device

A simple device restart, especially for consoles like the PS5, can resolve connectivity issues causing the ESP-RPA error in Fortnite.

Submit a support ticket to Epic Games

If you frequently encounter the ESP-RPA error, consider reaching out to Epic Games support. Submit a ticket via the Fortnite section on Epic Games’ help page for personalized assistance.

Fortnite may exhibit erratic behavior during patch releases, such as falsely indicating an available update. However, these issues typically get resolved promptly as Epic addresses widespread playerbase concerns.

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