How to fix the ‘Could not purchase catalog offer’ in Fortnite

Many Fortnite players eagerly want to spend their money on special items from the catalog, but the persistent “Could not purchase catalog error” is hindering their efforts.

Following the second-longest downtime in Fortnite history, Chapter Five season two has finally arrived. Despite the lingering queue battles, players can now delve into the new battle pass filled with Greek myths and gods—unless they’re grappling with the Could not purchase catalog offer error.

While it may be tempting to point fingers at Epic Games for this error, particularly after 18 hours of downtime due to an internal error, the issue often lies elsewhere. Here are some fixes to kickstart your new season:

“Could not purchase catalog offer” error

This error message appears when attempting to purchase an item from Fortnite’s catalog due to issues with your payment method, region settings, account compatibility, or payment security. Here are potential solutions:

  • Try a different payment method: Ensure your chosen payment method (e.g., credit card) has sufficient funds. Verify your payment details linked to your Epic Games or console account and ensure they are accurate.
  • Check for regional and security restrictions: Certain items in the Fortnite catalog may be region-specific or subject to security restrictions tied to parental controls. Review any restrictions on your account that may prevent the purchase.

If you encounter the “Could not purchase catalog offer” error in Fortnite when attempting to buy an item from the shop or battle pass for Chapter Five season two, it’s likely due to insufficient V-Bucks to complete the transaction.

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