How to fix no XP glitch in Helldivers 2

I’ve spent numerous hours immersed in Helldivers 2, only to find myself at level zero with no rewards or XP after completing missions. If you’re facing the same frustration, here’s how to resolve the no XP error in Helldivers 2.

How to fix level zero no rewards bug in Helldivers 2

The no rewards, no XP bug in Helldivers 2 becomes apparent when you finish a mission and discover that both you and your squad are listed as level zero. Unfortunately, there’s no prior indication of this glitch until the mission concludes, which is disappointing. While the level zero status isn’t accurate, it indicates the presence of the bug that deprives you of rewards for mission completion.

Regrettably, I’ve encountered this bug in three separate missions. Based on my own encounters and online research, there doesn’t seem to be a definitive solution to fix the no XP bug in Helldivers 2. This server error needs to be addressed by Arrowhead Games themselves. Nevertheless, a few temporary fixes have shown some success for certain players.

Restart or have your rewards catch up

Some players have found that restarting the game and watching the entire opening cutscene before logging in can resolve this bug. Others have noted that their XP and rewards from previous missions eventually caught up to them after several hours of gameplay. However, neither of these fixes has worked universally, as evidenced by my own experience and others’.

Play the opposite online mode

Currently, the most effective workaround appears to be switching to a solo game if you were in a multiplayer lobby, or vice versa. Players have reported that playing the opposite mode of the one that triggered the bug has helped eliminate the level zero error. It’s worth experimenting with this approach.

Ultimately, this bug will persist until Arrowhead Games releases a patch to address it. It’s incredibly unfortunate, as it’s discouraging me from continuing to play. In the meantime, stay updated on Arrowhead Games’ Twitter (or X) for news of a patch addressing this bug and learn more about finding Samples in-game.

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