How to fish in Eastward Octopia

Alright, fellow anglers and virtual farmers, let’s dive into the world of fishing in Eastward Octopia. Grab your Fishing Rod, and let’s embark on a journey to become the ultimate fisherman – or fisherwoman, no judgments here!

Eastward Octopia Full Fishing Guide

So, you’ve got this fishing rod, and you’re wondering, “How do I make the most out of it?” Fishing in Octopia is a bit like mastering a new level in a game – takes a bit to get the hang of, but once you do, it’s a whole new ball game. Let me spill the beans on how to fish like a seasoned pro.

How to get a Fishing Rod in Eastward Octopia

First things first, you need a Fishing Rod. Unlike other farm sims where you start with one, here, you gotta do a bit of scavenger hunt. Head south from your farm, cross that bridge to the right, and voila, there’s a gated area hiding your Fishing Rod. Break through those rocks with the Axe (courtesy of William), and claim your prize. Easy-peasy!

How to catch fish in Eastward Octopia

Now that you’re armed with your trusty Fishing Rod, it’s time to hit the waters. But hold up, you can’t fish in the town area – it’s strictly a countryside affair. Approach any body of water around your farm, hit that Space on PC or X on Switch/Controller, and let the fishing fiesta begin.

Get ready for the fun part! Fish in the water, shadows of different-colored fish dancing below. White, blue, red – it’s like a fishy disco. Before you drop your bobber in, press Q or D-Pad Up to switch it. Each bobber suits different fish, and you’ll start with the Balanced Bobber.

Control that bobber with your WASD/Arrows on PC or joysticks on Switch/Controller. Align it with the fish’s path and drop it in with M1/Space on PC or A on Switch/Controller. The fish will grab on, run away, leaving a trail. Now, the chase is on! Move left or right with your bobber, and every time it aligns with the fish, hit Space or A to reel it in. One to three attempts, and you’ve got your catch. If the fish gets too far, though, it’s a slippery escape.

How to use bait in Eastward Octopia

Bait, my friend, is a game-changer, but not in the way you might think. It won’t make fish-catching easier, but it will refresh the fishing spot. Use it when you’ve already fished out all the fellas or scared them away. Press R or LB to select bait, click it, and watch new fish swim in. You can snag some bait from William’s Trading Post in the town area, around the third day, for about 40 Salts each.

What to do with fish in Eastward Octopia?

Got your catch of the day, and now you’re wondering, “What’s next?” Fish in Octopia are versatile – cook ’em up or cash ’em in. Cooking’s my go-to. With plenty of recipes, you’ll keep your energy and health in check. If you’ve got a surplus, sell ’em at William’s Trading Post. Depending on rarity, you can pocket 40-60 Salt or more.

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