How to find a Muscle Drink for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload

A few hours into Persona 3 Reload, you are assigned the task of locating various items, including the Muscle Drink, to fulfill early side-quests.

This particular quest is among the requests from Elizabeth following the defeat of the first boss. Locating a Muscle Drink can prove challenging if you’re unfamiliar with its whereabouts. Therefore, continue reading to discover where to find the Muscle Drink in Persona 3 Reload.

Muscle Drink location in Persona 3 Reload

In Persona 3 Reload, to acquire the Muscle Drink, you must purchase it at Aohige Pharmacy.

  • Head to Paulownia Mall.
  • Navigate to Aohige Pharmacy, situated in the top right corner of the area.
  • Upon entering the Pharmacy, you’ll find various items available for purchase, including the Muscle Drink.

The Muscle Drink is priced at 1,000 Yen each, and you only require one for the task.

Tip: Consider purchasing more than one. Muscle Drink restores 150HP to a single ally, which proves beneficial for conserving SP on healing moves and abilities both before and during battles. Therefore, it’s advisable to stock up on them.

If you’re struggling to gather 1,000 Yen, you can sell some of your items at the nearby Police Station located just to the left of the Pharmacy or engage in some part-time work in the area, such as at the café to the middle right.

Returning to Elizabeth in the Velvet Room and presenting the Muscle Drink rewards you with 5 Soul Drops, useful in Tartarus. Moreover, it brings you closer to fulfilling every available request.

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