How to find a Beautiful Tile for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload

The roster of Elizabeth’s requests in Persona 3 Reload can seem endless. Once again, you’re tasked with locating a mysterious item—this time, a beautiful tile.

The concept of a beautiful tile might seem obscure. Could it refer to a floor tile? Some sort of material? It can be puzzling when you’re unsure where to search or what to seek. Fortunately, it’s much simpler than anticipated and only requires a single trip after school to obtain the item.

Persona 3 Reload Request 67: Find me a beautiful tile

Elizabeth’s 67th request sends players on a hunt for an elusive tile in the Tokyo area.

The tile is situated at Port Island Station in the Station Outskirts, behind two youths in the vicinity, near the spot where you can feed a cat. Behind them lies a store named Red Hawk, known as Mahjong Parlor.

Before attempting to obtain the tile, ensure your Courage stat is sufficiently leveled to access the building. At this juncture in Persona 3 Reload, my Courage stat was already maxed out, so I cannot specify the exact level required.

Upon visiting the Mahjong Parlor after accepting Elizabeth’s request, you’ll be prompted to engage in a rock, paper, and scissors match by the individual inside. Upon completing the mini-game, you’ll be rewarded with a Mahjong Tile x1, which must be returned to Elizabeth.

Upon returning to Elizabeth and the Velvet Room, you receive a Scrub Brush. Additionally, more requests unlock subsequently, provided you’ve progressed sufficiently in the story.

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