How to farm yen in Grimoires Era

Yen plays a pivotal role in Grimoires Era, and once I discovered a method to amass it quickly, I could afford potent abilities for my character and progress rapidly. Dive into this guide on how to farm yen in Grimoires Era and amass wealth!

How to get yen fast in Grimoires Era

To break away from the monotony of questing and battling bandits, try one of these two approaches to earn substantial yen in Grimoires Era. The first method involves locating Popo and gathering 30 vegetables for 500 yen, while the second method entails visiting Roger and extracting 30 minerals from his mine for 1500 yen. Below, I’ll provide directions using the spawn point as the reference position.

While there’s no level restriction for gathering vegetables, you must reach level 400 to mine minerals. To maximize the yield from these farming techniques, utilize some of the Grimoires Era Codes to unlock yen multipliers and expedite your earnings.

1. Collect vegetables

To commence the vegetable collection quest, head to Popo’s location. Proceed past the barrels and continue forward, passing the stairs and jumping onto the path past the tree. Navigate between the cave and stairs, continuing forward until you encounter a shack adorned with a plant drawing—this is where you’ll find Popo. Interact with Popo and select ”Right away!” to initiate the quest. Access the menu, equip the hoe from your inventory, and use it to gather vegetables behind the shack.

2. Gather minerals

For mineral gathering, seek out Roger, who is within walking distance of Popo. Follow the same path as before, advancing past the shack and proceeding in a straight line until you reach the spawn point of Corrupt Summoners. Descend to the Summoners and turn towards the hill illuminated by torches. Ascend to the farthest torch and locate the mine shaft. Enter the mine and approach Roger, the NPC wearing a straw hat. Initiate the quest by selecting ”On it!” and equip the pickaxe from your inventory to commence mining. Happy mining!

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