How to evolve Gojo in Anime Last Stand

ALS developers consistently deliver exciting updates and fresh content, introducing potent units that players aim to evolve. Discover how to evolve Gojo in Anime Last Stand and elevate him to unbeatable status across all levels.

How to evolve Strongest Sorcerer Gojo in Anime Last Stand

In Anime Last Stand (ALS), a plethora of characters can be summoned, but not all are capable of evolution. Similar to Sukuna, Gojo’s evolution has ascended to the apex of the ALS tier list. If you seek a unit capable of effortlessly clearing stages, mastering the evolution of Strongest Sorcerer Gojo is imperative. Acquire Six Eyes and Spirit Shard to evolve Gojo in Anime Last Stand.

How to get Six Eyes and Spirit Shard to Evo Gojo in Anime Last Stand

To achieve the Strongest Sorcerer evolution, you must procure specific materials. Here’s how to obtain Six Eyes and Spirit Shard to evolve Gojo in Anime Last Stand.

To farm the Gojo evolution materials, venture into the Challenge area and select a level, preferably in Nightmare mode. Material acquisition is subject to chance, so be prepared for a potentially protracted process. You will require:

  • Six Eyes x6 – drop rate 22.5%
  • Spirit Shards x25 – drop rate 65%

Once you’ve amassed all the requisite materials, you can proceed to evolve Gojo. Navigate to the Units tab on the left side of the screen and locate the Strongest Sorcerer card. From the dropdown menu, opt for the Evolve function. Upon completion, The Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked) will be primed to vanquish enemy waves with ease.

How to get Gojo in Anime Last Stand

To obtain Gojo, you must summon him. Gojo, also known as the Strongest Sorcerer, is a Celestial unit accessible via the Regular Banner 2. Unlocking him necessitates the completion of Planet Namek in story mode, granting access to Celestial units like the Knight King.

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