How to Easily Make Astarion See Himself In The Mirror In BG3

Hey there, Baldur’s Gate buffs! Today, let’s delve into the emotional rollercoaster that is Astarion’s vampire journey. Trust me, this one pulls at the heartstrings.

How To Make Astarion See Himself In The Mirror In Baldur’s Gate 3

So, Astarion, our brooding vampire friend, has this major hang-up – he can’t see himself in the mirror. Talk about tragic vampire problems, right? But fear not, there’s a way to fix this, though it involves a hefty sacrifice.

To make Astarion catch a glimpse of himself, you’ve got to let him embrace his vampiric destiny. Follow the Pale Elf Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 until you hit Szarr Palace in Act 3. Now, here’s where things get intense.

After a hefty showdown and defeating the formidable Cazador, Astarion drops the bomb. He wants to link tadpoles and become one being with you. It’s a pivotal moment – say yes, and he gets to see the scars on his back. Say no, or interrupt the process, and you risk Astarion leaving or turning hostile.

Once the ritual wraps up, Astarion is a full-fledged vampire. No more blood cravings, and guess what? He can finally admire himself in a mirror! Take him to any reflective surface, and witness Astarion’s reaction. Sadly, no special cutscenes or rewards here – just some heartfelt sentimentality and maybe a dash of self-flirting. Classic Astarion move.

How To Make Astarion Ascend

Now, making Astarion ascend is a whole other ball game. You need to hit Szarr Palace, interrupt Cazador’s ritual, and get ready for some sneaky maneuvers.

Head to the Lower City Central Wall waypoint and locate a door at X:-50 Y:-65. Answer the guards with your best persuasion or intimidation skills to waltz in. Inside, find a mysterious door with cryptic writing. Get your hands on the Kozakuran Dictionary hidden behind a harmful necrotic magic door at X:-1298 Y:969. Translate the writing, snag the Szarr Family Ring from an illusionary door, and brace yourself for combat when you open the massive door.

Take an elevator ride to the Palace’s dungeons, and navigate through the maze until you reach a room with three gates. Chat with the spawns behind bars, then gear up for the main event – Cazador. Fight him, assist Astarion in embracing his scars, and whatever you do, resist the urge to interrupt the ritual.

And there you have it! Astarion’s mirror revelation and his vampiric ascension.

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