How to Easily Get Mogpendium in FFXIV

Guess what, fellow FFXIV fanatics! The Moogle Treasure Trove is back, and this time, it’s got a shiny new feature – the Mogpedium. Yeah, you heard me right, a whole new tome to spice up our treasure hunt. Now, let’s dive into the deets because these changes are making waves, my friends!

Where to Get the Mogpendium in FFXIV

So, snagging the Mogpedium is a piece of cake. Just track down any of those wandering Itinerant Moogles loitering around the three main cities during the Treasure Trove event. Here’s the Moogle hotspot map for you:

  • Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:9.4, Y:11.6)
  • New Gridania (X:12.4, Y:12.1)
  • Ul’dah, Steps of Nald (X:9.6, Y:9.1)

Give ’em a chat, and voilà! The Mogpendium is yours to command. You can peek inside either by having a chit-chat with the Moogle again or by hitting up your Collection in the Duty tab. (That’s the icon with the “!” next to your hard-earned gil.)

Now, what’s inside this fancy book? Well, it spills the beans on which duties are dishing out the Irregular Tomestones for the ongoing event. And the best part? It stays fresh, updating with each swing of the seasonal event pendulum. Talk about staying relevant!

  • Standard Objectives: Covers all duties raking in Irregular Tomestones.
  • Weekly Objectives: Handpicks a random duty from the bunch and slaps on a special bonus for the week. (Resets every Tuesday, just so you know.)
  • Minimog Challenges: A sibling of Weekly Objectives but spices things up with different activities – like nailing FATES, for example.

And here’s the cherry on top – the Ultimog Challenge. It’s the universal showdown, offering a unique challenge with a mouth-watering reward of a hefty pile of Tomes. But, hold your chocobos, you can only tackle this beast once per event. The first Ultimog Challenge is all about Ocean Fishing for The First Hunt for Genesis, but don’t be surprised if a new duty steals the spotlight in future events.

Now, let’s talk Tomestones. The extra Tomes you snag for acing these challenges are no joke:

  • Weekly Objective – x20
  • Minimog Challenge – x10 each (twice a week)
  • Ultimog Challenge – x50 each

So, my treasure hunters, the game just got a bit sweeter. Those elusive Tomestones are easier to snag, making the event a breeze to conquer. Sure, you can still grind the old-fashioned way if you’re feeling blue, but why not make life easier and gun for those big prizes? Happy hunting, and may your loot bags be ever full!

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