How to Easily Get Igneous Cores in Diablo 4

Hey fellow demon slayers, gearing up for the Diablo 4 showdown? Well, before you dive into the epic battle against the Echo of Malphas, there’s a little scavenger hunt you need to embark on. Brace yourselves for the quest of collecting Igneous Cores in the Season of the Construct – not a walk in the park, let me tell you!

Where to Find Igneous Cores in Diablo 4

So, these precious Igneous Cores are like the golden ticket, earned by taking down Heralds of Malphas at Arcane Tremors in World Tier 4 or going straight for the big fish – the Son of Malphas Boss himself. Now, tracking down the Son of Malphas is like chasing a shadow in the dark, thanks to the Season 3 construct areas playing peek-a-boo.

Your best shot? Summon those Heralds of Malphas at braziers scattered around Sanctuary. Each of the five major zones in Diablo 4 Season 3 boasts an Arcane Tremor zone, decked out with at least three braziers. Voltaic or Igneous, take your pick. Personally, I fancied the fiery vibes of the Igneous Brazier in the Kehjistan Arcane Tremor for my initial Igneous Cores.

Getting Igneous Cores in Diablo 4:

  • Kill Heralds of Malphas in World Tier 4 Arcane Tremors
  • Defeat the Son of Malphas in Nightmare Vaults

Now, when you stumble upon a Brazier, toss in three Elemental Cores and 50 Shattered Stones into the summoning mix. Boom! A horde of constructs pops up, and after surviving the waves, the grand finale – the Herald of Malphas. Take down the Herald, and voila, you might snag an Igneous Core as a quest item. No worries if you draw a blank the first time – these Heralds are a bit stingy, and sometimes you gotta grind it out.

While cruising through Arcane Tremors or Nightmare Vaults, keep your eyes peeled for the Son of Malphas. This souped-up version of the Butcher could also drop an Igneous Core as a victory treat. Just remember to crank up to World Tier 4 to make that item rain in Diablo 4.

Armed with at least seven of these fiery cores, march over to the Echo of Malphas and let the Unique item farming commence.

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