How to Easily Get Cement in Palworld

Hello fellow Palworld enthusiasts! Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of crafting the golden nugget of construction – Cement. No, we’re not making streets, but we’re surely building our way to snagging those top-tier Pals!

How to Unlock Cement in Palworld

So, picture this: You’re at level 19, eyeing the Technology menu like a hawk. That’s the magic spot to unlock Cement, just one measly Technology Point away. You earn those points by leveling up or hitting up those fast travel points for the first time. Easy peasy!

Now, hold your horses; unlocking is just the first step. You need a High-Quality Workbench at your crib to whip up some Cement. If you’re on level 11, you might already have the blueprint for it. Gather 15 Ingots, 50 Wood, and 10 Nails to make it yours. The Production Assembly Line can do the Cement crafting gig too, but let’s focus on that High-Quality Workbench for now.

How to Get Cement in Palworld

Alright, the moment of truth! Head to that High-Quality Workbench or higher, armed with 50 Stone, 1 Bone, and 1 Pal Fluid. Each crafting session pumps out 10 Cement, so plan accordingly. Need it faster? Roll up your sleeves and pitch in, or assign a Pal with the Handiwork trait to get the job done. Pro tip: Upgrade to the Production Assembly Line and its advanced version for turbocharged Cement production.

How to Farm Cement in Palworld

Cement doesn’t grow on trees, my friends. You gotta farm those raw materials. Stones are scattered around, waiting to be picked or mined from hefty rocks. Set up a Stone Pit at your base for your trusty Pal workers to keep the stone supply flowing.

Now, bones drop when you triumph over Pals like Loupmoon and Rushoar. And for that precious Pal Fluid, nab it from water-type Pals by the coast. Get those beach vibes and fill your Pal Fluid reserves.

All Cement Recipes in Palworld

Why do we need Cement? Well, it’s the magic ingredient for some rad structures and high-end Spheres. Think Defensive Wall, High-Quality Hot Spring, Hyper Sphere, Legendary Sphere, and more. Check out the full recipe list and level requirements to up your Palworld game.

And hey, if you’re hungry for more Palworld wisdom, swing by our guide on scoring some sweet Charcoal.

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