How to Easily Find Kitsun in Palworld and How to Breed

Hey fellow Pal hunters, especially those who’ve got a soft spot for Kitsun! Today, I’m spilling the beans on how to track down this majestic yokai-inspired Pal in Palworld. Trust me, it’s a gem worth finding with its snow-white fur, killer typing, and that mesmerizing blue foxfire mane.

How to Find Kitsun in Palworld (& How to Breed)

Now, Kitsun might be a bit shy, but fear not – we’ve got the scoop on two ways to bring this beauty into your Pal squad. First up, you can scout for Kitsun in the wild or take the hatch route.

Head to the top of the mountain in the middle of the map. It’s a frosty spot, so make sure to gear up with cold-resistant clothes or have a Fire Pal ready to roll. Kitsun likes to make its grand entrance after dusk, and trust me, that bright blue mane makes it hard to miss. Keep your eyes peeled for a rare spawn – I usually spot them on a slope at coordinates 212, 45.

Now, if you’re feeling lucky, you can try your hand at hatching Kitsun from Scorching Eggs. But let me tell you, the Fire Pal pool is vast, and the chances are slimmer than a snowflake. Personally, I’d recommend embracing the thrill of the hunt up in the snow bowl. Plus, you might snag some of that elusive Skill Tree Fruit while you’re at it.

How to Breed Kitsun in Palworld

For those who fancy a more strategic approach, breeding Kitsun is the way to go. Grab your Mixing Farm (unlocked at base level 19) and stock up on cake – one per successful breeding attempt. Now, let’s talk pairings:

  • Grintale x Rooby
  • Celaray x Chillet
  • Penking x Rooby
  • Nox x Cinnamoth
  • Beakon x Cremis
  • Gumoss x Sweepa
  • Sweepa x Tanzee
  • Arsox x Celaray
  • Mossanda x Gumoss
  • Mossanda x Fuddler
  • Mozzarina x Tombat
  • Kelpsea x Sweepa
  • Caprity x Rayhound
  • Broncherry x Arsox
  • Relaxaurus x Hoocrates
  • Maraith x Grintale
  • Melpaca x Petallia
  • Woolipop x Wumpo
  • Gobfin x Surfnet

Breeding Kitsun not only adds a new member to your Pal family but also opens the door to powerful Pal Distillation. So, gather that cake, set up your Mixing Farm, and let the breeding games begin!

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