How to Easily Find Elixirs Of Cloud Giant Strength in BG3

Alright, gather ’round, potion enthusiasts! Today, I’m spilling the beans on one of Baldur’s Gate 3’s hidden treasures – the Elixir of Cloud Giant Strength. Trust me, this bad boy can turn your character into a powerhouse, and we all want that, right?

What Do Elixirs Of Cloud Giant Strength Do?

Picture this: you’re cruising with the Elixir of Hill Giant Strength, and then, bam! The Elixir of Cloud Giant Strength steps in like a superhero. It cranks your character’s Strength to a jaw-dropping 27. Yeah, you heard me right – 27! It’s like a power-up on steroids, but legal in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Act 1 Locations

Now, let’s get down to business. In Act 1, you won’t find this elixir up for sale, but fear not! Derryth Bonecloak at the Myconid Colony is your go-to. She stocks Cloud Giant Fingers (the main ingredient) 25 percent of the time. Combine three of these bad boys with some suspension using Alchemy, and voila! Instant Elixir of Cloud Giant Strength.

Act 2 Locations

Act 2 is where the party starts. Quartermaster Talli at Last Light Inn is like the elixir maestro. Starting at level nine, she semi-randomly stocks these gems. And that’s not all – Hoarding Merregon at the Gauntlet of Shar and Roah Moonglow at Moonrise Towers are in on the action too. Act 2 is a goldmine!

Act 3 Locations

By Act 3, you’re probably addicted to these elixirs (don’t worry, no judgment here). Mattis at the Requisitioned Barn in Rivington, Popper at Circus of Last Days in Rivington, Traveler Griska at Fraygo’s Flophouse in Wyrm’s Crossing, Entharl Danthelon at Danthelon’s Dancing Axe, Stylin’ Horst at The Velveteen Elixir, Derryth Bonecloak & Baelen Bonecloak at Bonecloak’s Apothecary, Helsik at Devil’s Fee, Oliver Tefoco at Beehive General Goods, Araj Oblodra at Crimson Draughts, and the Opulent Chest in the Northwest section of the Iron Throne – they’ve all got your fix.

So, whether you’re a potion connoisseur or just want to flex your character’s muscles, the Elixir of Cloud Giant Strength is your ticket to Baldur’s Gate 3 stardom.

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