How to Easily breed Sibelyx in Palworld

Sibelyx presents itself as an Ice Pal with a captivating appearance, characterized by its stylish hat and graceful demeanor. Acquiring this Pal is not only beneficial for your base and Palworld team but also adds a touch of elegance to your collection.

Encountering Sibelyx as a level 40 Field Alpha Boss in the Sealed Realm of the Pristine poses a considerable challenge, unless your Pal team has undergone significant leveling. Alternatively, you can opt for breeding to obtain Sibelyx at an earlier stage, thus bypassing the need to confront the formidable Boss.

How to Get a Sibelyx Egg in Palworld

Breeding Sibelyx involves various combinations of Pals. Below is a compilation of combinations that may yield a Sibelyx Egg:

Once you have identified a suitable combination, ensure your base is equipped for breeding. This entails constructing a Breeding Farm, possessing an Egg Incubator, and having sufficient Cake to initiate the process.

Sibelyx: Comprehensive Stats in Palworld

Sibelyx demonstrates versatility as a Pal, lacking specialization but proving immensely valuable both in combat and within your base. Here are its complete stats:

  • Element: Ice
  • Partner Skill: Silk Maker
  • “Upon activation, launches a potent Blizzard Spike at the designated enemy. While assigned to the Ranch, it produces High-Quality Cloth.”
  • Work Suitability: Medicine level two, Cooling level two, Farming level one
  • Possible Drops: Ice Organ, High-Quality Cloth
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