How to Earn Favor in Last Epoch

Item Factions represent one of the latest additions to Last Epoch. If you aim to ascend the ranks of Reputation, accruing Favor is essential. Whether your allegiance lies with the Merchant’s Guild or the Circle of Fortune, this guide elucidates the process.

How to Earn Item Faction Favor

To amass Favor, select a faction and eliminate enemies throughout Eterra. Additionally, complete recurring quests to bolster your Favor reserves. Notably, there are no specific bosses or enemy classifications to target, thus no markers appear on your map. Simply engage in regular Last Epoch activities, prioritizing endeavors conducive to mass enemy elimination. Opting for Monoliths post-Chapter 9 is advisable.

Remember to pledge allegiance to a faction before endeavoring to earn Favor. Upon reaching Chapter 9 of the main campaign, you must choose between the Merchant’s Guild and the Circle of Fortune. Your alignment remains fixed once chosen, unless you opt for a change. Equipping faction-associated gear enhances Favor accumulation during monster farming.

Accumulating sufficient Favor permits advancement within your chosen faction, leading to increased Reputation. The Circle favors obtaining specific loot, while the Merchant’s Guild emphasizes trading items at the Bazaar. Regardless of the approach, the required Favor for ascending through Reputation ranks remains consistent. However, switching allegiance necessitates re-earning a portion of that Favor.

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