How to earn Demolition Expert and Precision Spree Vanguard Medals in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games returns in 2024, offering various tasks and rewards tailored for each class during the limited-time event.

The primary quest, Best In Class, entails earning Medals to contribute at the Guardian Games Podium. These Medals are obtainable through various activities, notably the Guardian Games Recreational Vanguard playlist.

Two Medals—Demolition Expert and Precision Spree—can be easily acquired within a single Vanguard strike run, significantly boosting contributions to the Guardian Games medal tally. Moreover, these Medals fulfill requirements for the Mad Bomber and Far And Away bounties.

Achieving Demolition Expert Medals for the Mad Bomber Bounty

To attain a Demolition Expert medal in Destiny 2’s Guardian Games, you must eliminate three or more enemies with a single grenade. While seemingly straightforward, competition among fireteam members for these Medals often turns it into a race to each enemy location.

The Mad Bomber bounty necessitates earning five Demolition Expert medals, but they need not be acquired in a single run. Crafting a loadout focused on abilities, particularly grenades, can greatly expedite Medal accumulation. For Titans, employing Armamentarium for an additional grenade streamlines this task.

With a well-optimized grenade build and emphasis on the Discipline stat, you’ll consistently hurl grenades—simply seek out clusters of enemies to unleash them upon.

Obtaining Precision Spree Medals for the Far And Away Bounty

To secure Precision Spree medals during Guardian Games, dispatch three enemies in rapid succession with precise shots.

For these Medals, stow away your Grenade Launchers or Rocket Launchers. Opt for a reliable precision weapon like a scout rifle or hand cannon with sufficient stability to mitigate recoil.

I had notable success utilizing a low RPM Machine Gun. Recent buffs to PvE Machine Gun damage have made a single shot from the MG sufficient to eliminate a red bar enemy.

Similar to the Mad Bomber bounty, the Far And Away bounty mandates acquiring five Precision Spree medals. While not obligatory in one outing, adept weapon selection coupled with keen marksmanship can swiftly fulfill this requirement.

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