How to drop Samples in Helldivers 2

Samples are among the most crucial loot you can retrieve after extraction in Helldivers 2. They serve as currency for purchasing ship module upgrades, enhancing your overall capabilities upon entering a zone.

However, a significant challenge with Samples is the high risk they carry if you perish while carrying them. Similar to other extraneous items in Helldivers 2, dying with Samples in your possession causes your character to drop them at your death location, necessitating retrieval if you wish to reclaim them. This can be problematic, particularly if your teammates spawn you far from your demise spot. Luckily, there’s a workaround—dropping your Samples.

Dropping Samples in Helldivers 2

Dropping Samples isn’t solely about safeguarding them in case of death, although it’s a primary reason to do so. You might also need to drop a Sample for a nearby teammate who requires it for a ship module upgrade or return one to a teammate who misplaced theirs.

Thankfully, dropping Samples in Helldivers 2 is straightforward. You can accomplish this by pressing the following buttons:

  • Hold “X” on PC
  • Hold “Down on D-Pad” for PlayStation controllers

These buttons also facilitate dropping your support weapon and other inventory items, useful for sharing with teammates or picking up alternate gear from the ground.

Regarding Samples specifically, it’s advisable to drop them all at the Extraction Point. This ensures they’re stored at a location you’ll revisit before departing the zone, guaranteeing easy access even if you meet an untimely demise.

However, there may be instances where dropping Samples at the Extraction Point isn’t feasible based on your objective. In such scenarios, you can drop them at a central map location easily accessible throughout the mission. Your teammates can adopt the same approach, but meticulous tracking of who possesses which Samples is necessary to avoid confusion.

To help remember where Samples were dropped, marking them makes them visible to you and your team on the minimap. Keep in mind that marked items vanish after a while, so you can’t leave them unattended for too long before the markers disappear. Some players have reported Samples disappearing over time, although whether this is intentional or a bug remains unconfirmed.

Now equipped with the knowledge of how to drop Samples and the benefits thereof, you’re better prepared to navigate Helldivers 2.

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