How to discover Feathermoon Stronghold in WoW Classic

Feathermoon Stronghold stands out as one of the most memorable leveling spots in World of Warcraft Classic. Situated on an island off the Forgotten Coast in Feralas, it serves as a pivotal location for Alliance players progressing through their early 40s.

Moreover, in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery, the island housing Feathermoon Stronghold becomes significant for players aiming to complete the Quadrangulation and Warranty Claim quests, both of which are endgame objectives at level 40 during the second phase of SoD. However, many players encounter a common issue upon reaching Feathermoon Stronghold: the location fails to appear on their world map, remaining undiscovered.

One might assume that stepping off the dock and heading towards the main complex of Feathermoon Stronghold would trigger credit for exploring the island. However, credit for visiting Feathermoon Stronghold and revealing it on your world map requires venturing to a more secluded corner of the area.

How to reveal Feralas island on WoW Classic’s world map 

Despite spending ample time on the main side of Feathermoon Stronghold—which includes the primary buildings, inn, flight master, and dock—you won’t receive credit for discovering it on your world map. The island harboring Feathermoon Stronghold features another side that must be explored to unveil the entirety of the island on your map.

To reveal the concealed portion of the map containing Feathermoon Stronghold, remain on the main island and navigate to coordinates [28, 44]. Arriving at this location will grant credit for discovering Feathermoon Stronghold, as well as Sardor Isle, the island’s official name where Feathermoon Stronghold resides.

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