How to defeat the Emperor and Empress bosses in Persona 3 Reload

In Persona 3 Reload, you’ll encounter a variety of challenging bosses and enemies, including the Emperor and Empress, who can pose a significant challenge if you’re unprepared. Fortunately, we can offer some guidance to help you overcome these formidable adversaries.

You’ll encounter this formidable pair of opponents during a Tartarus cutscene with the S.E.E.S squad on June 8. With Yukari incapacitated and Mitsuru unable to assist, Fuuka becomes the eyes and ears of S.E.E.S after awakening her Persona, Lucia. With only yourself, Junpei, and Akihiko in your party, strategic planning is essential.

Preparing for The Emperor and Empress

Overall, The Emperor is susceptible to Magic (Fire, Electricity, Ice, and Wind), whereas The Empress is vulnerable to Physical attacks (Strike, Pierce, and Slash). Despite their opposing weaknesses, it’s not a straightforward battle. Both can utilize Affinity Shift, altering their vulnerabilities.

It’s crucial to note that Fuuka can reveal weaknesses by using Full Analysis on the target. Exploit the specified magic attack (single-target, not multi-target) to stagger Emperor, then capitalize on the One More opportunity to target Empress. This sequence enables you to execute an All-Out Attack and inflict significant damage.

Expect the adversaries to continue utilizing Affinity Shift, so remain vigilant. Prompt Fuuka to analyze them before executing your attacks to avoid wasting efforts on ineffective strikes. Instead of resorting to random attacks, wait for Fuuka to unveil their weaknesses.

Best Personas/Skills to Have + Level

It’s advisable to have one Persona with Ice abilities (e.g., Jack Frost) and another with Wind skills (e.g., Angel), as Akihiko employs Electric attacks and Junpei favors Fire. However, having versatility across all elements is advantageous. For Physical attacks, equip a Persona with a Pierce ability, such as Slime. Akihiko and Junpei rely on Strike and Slash attacks, respectively, aligning with Emperor’s weaknesses. While their Persona attacks are effective, they consume HP, so utilizing regular attacks is more efficient.

Ensure your arsenal includes skills like Bufu, Garu, and Single Shot. Variations or upgrades of these abilities (excluding multi-target ones like Mabufu or Maguru) suffice. Aim to reach at least Level 16, though having a comprehensive skill set may compensate for slightly lower levels.

If you encounter difficulties, ensure you have sufficient healing and SP items, along with Dia/Media spells. Exercise caution and adapt to the shifting weaknesses of the Emperor and Empress after Affinity Shifts. Upon defeating them, you’ll witness a cutscene before departing Tartarus to regroup with Fuuka and Natsuki.

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