How to Craft From Storage in Enshrouded

Being able to access storage for crafting should be a fundamental aspect of any survival crafting game, and Enshrouded eventually incorporates this functionality. How can you achieve this feature, and what steps are necessary to make it operational?

Enshrouded Magic Chest

The Magic Chest enables you to store items and utilize them for crafting, eliminating the need to carry every required item around your base.

This feature is highly beneficial and is a standard inclusion in other survival crafting games like Palworld.

How to Unlock the Magic Chest in Enshrouded

To unlock the Magic Chest, you must progress through the main story until encountering a mission that tasks you with visiting an Ancient Vault to liberate the Carpenter. The surrounding area hosts formidable enemies, typically ranging from Level 7 to 10, necessitating powerful weapons and upgrades to your Flame Altar for survival.

After rescuing the Alchemist, they will divulge the necessary information to locate and release the Carpenter from their Ancient Vault. Defeat the enemies surrounding their location to free them, then recruit the Carpenter onto your team, enabling you to craft the Magic Chest.

Can you dual-wield in Enshrouded, akin to action RPGs such as Dark Souls 2 and Monster Hunter World?

How To Craft a Magic Chest in Enshrouded

Once you have enlisted the Carpenter, commence crafting the Magic Chest. This item requires a few components, including:

  • 1 Small Chest
  • 1 Shroud Core

Assign the carpenter to the task, and soon you’ll possess a Small Magic Chest, enabling you to utilize items directly from it without the hassle of constant back-and-forth trips. This streamlines the process of crafting new items at your base camp, so prioritize embarking on an adventure to recruit the Carpenter as soon as possible.

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