How To Complete the Mother of Dragons Challenge in BitLife

If you have a passion for dragons and a fiery spirit, then conquering the Mother of Dragons Challenge in BitLife will be a thrilling adventure for you. Being a dragon enthusiast is crucial because, let’s face it, if you don’t love dragons, you won’t be too fond of your pets. This week in BitLife, our journey involves infiltrating Jordan’s royal family through any means necessary, nurturing some exotic pets, and, of course, dealing with some rather grim tasks like murder or fleeing the country. However, the mystery prize awaiting completion of the Mother of Dragons challenge makes it all worthwhile.

BitLife: Mother of Dragons Challenge Tasks

Before diving into the challenge, let’s review the tasks for this week:

  • Ascend to the throne as Queen of Jordan.
  • Acquire at least one Komodo Dragon.
  • Establish a 100% relationship with at least one Komodo Dragon.
  • Commit the heinous act of murder on three or more occasions.
  • Abdicate the throne and relocate to Croatia.

How To Become the Queen of Jordan in BitLife

To become the Queen of Jordan in BitLife, you can’t simply name yourself “Jordan, the Queen.” Instead, follow these steps: Navigate to the Surrender option, choose to create a custom life, select Female as your gender, and designate Jordan as your country. If you have God Mode unlocked, opt for Princess under the Royal Status to secure your path to becoming the Queen of Jordan later in life.

How To Get a Komodo Dragon in BitLife

Obtaining a Komodo Dragon may take some effort due to their rarity. Begin by accessing the Activities tab and navigating to the Pets menu. Select the Exotic Pet Dealer, where you may occasionally find a Komodo Dragon listed for adoption. If it doesn’t appear, refresh the list by restarting the game or advancing a year. Alternatively, visit the Black Market and consult the Wildlife Smuggler to locate a Komodo Dragon. Once you’ve chosen your dragon, pay the adoption fee, rename it, and welcome it into your life.

How To Raise Your Relationship With a Komodo Dragon

Building a strong bond with your Komodo Dragon involves typical pet care activities such as feeding treats, taking walks, spending quality time together, and even giving it a bath. Engage in these interactions repeatedly via the Relationships tab in the Pets category until your relationship reaches 100%.

How To Murder in BitLife

While murder is generally frowned upon, it’s a necessary evil for this challenge. To fulfill the task, navigate to the Activities tab, access the Crime menu, and select the Murder option. Choose your victim and weapon carefully to avoid any unforeseen consequences. Repeat this process until you’ve claimed the lives of at least three individuals.

How To Abdicate and Emigrate

For the final task, abdicate your throne by selecting the Abdicate option in the Royalty menu under the Activities tab. Then, proceed to the Emigrate option and choose Croatia as your destination to complete the challenge.

BitLife is now accessible on mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play Store.

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