How to complete Favor for Krazek in WoW Classic

Favor for Krazek presents a challenging quest in World of Warcraft Classic that spans across two zones and demands a specific profession—Mining—to complete in the traditional manner.

Although you receive Favor for Krazek in Booty Bay, the quest unfolds in a remote area of the Arathi Highlands. This means traversing from the southern edge of the Eastern Kingdoms to the dwarven territories in the north to gather the required ore for the quest.

Fortunately, there are alternative methods to fulfill the quest’s criteria and expedite completion. Here are two approaches to finishing Favor for Krazek in WoW Classic.

Favor for Krazek WoW Classic quest guide

Favor for Krazek directs you to the Arathi Highlands to collect four pieces of Lesser Bloodstone Ore and deliver them to Krazek in Booty Bay.

The cave housing Lesser Bloodstone Ore is tucked away and somewhat challenging to locate. The path leading to the cave entrance, where you’ll mine Lesser Bloodstone Ore, begins at coordinates [80, 40] in the Arathi Highlands. Situated within the hills of Drywhisker Gorge, the cave’s entrance lies at coordinates [82, 37]. Inside the cave dwell Drywhisker Kobolds, ranging between levels 35-37.

You can mine Lesser Bloodstone Ore within the cave if you possess approximately 100 skill points in the Mining profession.

For non-Miners, there’s no need to fret. You can procure Lesser Bloodstone Ore from the Auction House, often available in stacks of four. This proves convenient when completing the quest. A popular method is to swiftly head to the neutral Auction House in Booty Bay, purchase four pieces of Lesser Bloodstone Ore, and promptly return to Krazek.

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