How to Complete Diablo 4’s Season of the Construct Seasonal Journey

So, Diablo 4 Season of the Construct – the Journey might not throw flashy mounts at you like Season of Blood, but let me tell ya, it’s a grind that’s well worth the hustle. The loot bag includes Favor for your Battle Pass, snazzy titles, Legendary Aspects, and a fresh Emblem for your profile. Now, let’s break down the nitty-gritty of conquering this journey in the demon-infested realms.

How to Complete Season of the Construct in Diablo 4

So, here’s the lowdown on each Chapter’s objectives, with my two cents on what you can probably skip. I mean, we’re all about efficiency, right?

Chapter 1 – Complete 6 of 8 Objectives

  • Complete 1 Dungeon in Kehjistan
  • Complete 2 World Events
  • Defeat 5 Elite Monsters
  • Collect 15 Lifesbane in Kehjistan* (Skip this, too grindy)
  • Salvage 10 Magic Items at the Blacksmith
  • Defeat 100 Constructs* (Skip, unless you’re feeling nostalgic)
  • Equip 1 Governing Stone to your Construct
  • Upgrade your Potion to Tiny at the Alchemist

Easy-peasy, right? This chapter is like a warm-up jog – by level 10, you’ll probably have most of it done. Just breeze through the campaign and snag some herbs for that potion upgrade along the way.

Chapter 2 – Complete 6 of 8 Objectives

  • Complete 4 Cellars* (No need, trust me)
  • Open a Silent Chest using a Whispering Key purchased from the Purveyor of Curiosities* (Skip those sneaky chests)
  • Clear 1 Stronghold
  • Upgrade your Potion to Minor at the Alchemist
  • Unlock 6 Aspects in the Codex of Power by completing Dungeons
  • Acquire 4 Governing Stones
  • Craft 1 Uncertain Seneschal Stone Cache at the Jeweler
  • Complete 3 World Events with Mastery

Cellars are for the birds, so we’re skipping those. And, heck, don’t bother with those whispering keys. Master the World Events instead – more bang for your buck.

Chapter 3 – Complete 9 of 11 Objectives

  • Unlock 13 Aspects in the Codex of Power by completing Dungeons* (Bit of a grind, skip it)
  • Clear 3 Strongholds
  • Defeat Malphas
  • Defeat 50 Elite Constructs
  • Defeat 9 Vault Heralds, summoned at Braziers
  • Acquire 14 Tuning Stones
  • Upgrade your Potion to Light at the Alchemist
  • Acquire Zoltun’s Warding by spending a Pearl of Warding at the Statue of Zoltun at the start of any Vault
  • Reach Level 35
  • Defeat 100 Monsters while Bloodmarked in PvP zones* (Who needs PvP drama?)
  • Obtain 10 Caches from the Tree of Whispers by completing bounties* (Skip the tree-hugging)

The Tree of Whispers caches are a bit grindy, so we’re skipping those. Also, PvP? No, thanks.

Chapter 4 – Complete 9 of 11 Objectives

  • Purify 1,000 Seeds of Hatred in Hostile Areas at an Altar of Extraction* (Nah, too tedious)
  • Complete 1 Legion Event
  • Defeat Echo of Varshan in World Tier 3
  • Obtain 20 Caches from the Tree of Whispers* (Too much effort, skip)
  • Defeat 1 World Boss
  • Complete 10 Vaults
  • Defeat 30 Vault Heralds
  • Complete 1 Nightmare Dungeon
  • Craft a Vault Sigil at the Occultist
  • Reach Level 55

By the time you hit World Tier 3, spam Nightmare Vaults for Legendaries and XP. Skip the Tree of Whispers caches; you’re better off elsewhere.

Chapter 5 – Complete 9 of 11 Objectives

  • Equip Sacred Legendary items in every slot
  • Open Tortured Gifts of 3 different types during Helltide
  • Defeat Helltide 6 Commanders during Helltide
  • Defeat 100 Champion Monsters
  • Complete 20 Nightmare Vaults
  • Unlock 30 Wardwoven Chests by preserving Zoltun’s Warding throughout a Vault
  • Craft 50 Uncertain Seneschal Stone Caches at the Jeweler* (Too many caches)
  • Advance 1 Tuning Stone to Rank 10
  • Complete 1 Tier 21 or higher Nightmare Dungeon
  • Defeat Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint in World Tier 4
  • Find all of Zoltun Kulle’s Journal entries by opening Wardwoven Chests* (RNG madness)

The Zoltun Kulle entries are RNG-based, so your mileage may vary on getting that done quickly. Also, crafting too many caches? Nah.

Chapter 6 – Complete 8 of 10 Objectives

  • Equip Ancestral Legendary items in every slot
  • Acquire 6,666 Aberrant Cinders during Helltide* (Way too specific)
  • Defeat The Beast in Ice in World Tier 4
  • Defeat Lord Zir in World Tier 4
  • Defeat Echo of Malphas in World Tier 4
  • Unlock 50 Wardwoven Chests
  • Acquire all 12 Governing Stones
  • Acquire 25 Tuning Stones

Since Tuning Stones are from the Brazier event, you might not find enough by this point. Once leveled, they stop dropping, so they’ll come faster after that. The rest is just cleaning up bosses and praying for drops.

Chapter 7 – Complete 9 of 11 Objectives

  • Defeat Echo of Duriel in World Tier 4
  • Equip at least 8 Ancestral Unique items simultaneously
  • Improve 5 Paragon Glyphs to Rank 15 by completing Nightmare Dungeons
  • Equip 4 different types of Legendary Tuning Stones that are Rank 10 to your Construct
  • Defeat Echo of Lilith in World Tier 4* (Unless you can nuke her, skip)
  • Defeat the Seething Abomination while Bloodmarked in Hostile Areas* (Too much hassle)
  • Complete 1 Tier 90 Nightmare Vault
  • Open 10 Tortured Gifts during a single Helltide in World Tier 4
  • Defeat The Wandering Death x2 in World Tier 4
  • Defeat Avarice the Gold Cursed x2 in World Tier 4
  • Defeat Ashava the Pestilent x2 in World Tier 4

This is where the real grind kicks in. Echo of Lilith and Seething Abomination? Nah, skip the headache. Rest is a prayer for unique drops and efficient Helltide runs.

If you’re curious about the fresh Uniques in Season of the Construct, check out our Season 3 Uniques guide!

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