How to complete Countermeasures in MW3 Zombies

In Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, Countermeasures is a newly introduced story mission available in Act IV, which was added during the Season Two Reloaded midseason update.

This mission not only advances the Zombies storyline but also introduces some challenging variations of traditional contracts and allows players to confront two formidable special-type zombies. Additionally, it serves as a crucial step towards returning to the Dark Aether, where players can unlock the new Classified schematics.

How to complete Countermeasures in MW3 Zombies

To initiate Countermeasures, navigate to the Story Mission section of the MWZ menu. Even if you haven’t completed missions from previous acts, you can select Countermeasures and set it as active.

Reach the anomaly entrance

Once in-game, locate the anomaly marked on the map with a starred exfil icon, indicating the story mission icon. While the location may vary, the marker was situated in the High Threat area during my experience. Players can take their time upgrading gear before heading to the anomaly, as the mission timer resets upon arrival.

The Dark Aether Rift, where the Countermeasure mission occurs, is categorized as a Medium Threat area. It is advisable to equip:

  • Two weapons with at least level one Pack-a-Punch, preferably one upgraded to level two Pack-a-Punch.
  • An upgraded gas mask and/or several spare gas masks.

To initiate the mission, interact with the anomaly and vote to enter the Dark Aether Rift via the Tac-Map. After a countdown, the mission will commence.

Escort the ACV

Upon loading, head towards the nearby distress signal marked with the winged serpent icon. Upon reaching the upper floor of the designated building, return to the marked ACV.

The subsequent section involves an extended Escort contract mission. It is advisable to position oneself on the ACV while dealing with charging zombies alongside teammates and AI allies. After the initial phase, players must eliminate a source of disruption by targeting the pulsating tower emitting interference and defeating the special Mimic named Zapps.

Following another escort segment, players will arrive at a mall requiring clearance akin to an Infested Stronghold. There are a total of 15 spores spread across the two floors, with each stairwell corner containing a spore. Additional spores are situated on walls and inside stores. It is recommended to utilize spare gas masks found in the vicinity. Once all spores are eradicated, return to the ACV.

Outlast the zombie horde and defeat

Upon regrouping with all Terminus agents, proceed to the anomaly site and undertake an Outlast contract mission. Remain within the designated area until the device reaches full charge, at which point the boss zombie Krawvir will appear.

Krawvir is a formidable Mangler variant with heightened health and an EMP pulse. Players should maintain distance while gradually depleting his armor and inflicting damage from afar. Upon defeating Krawvir, players will receive a Zombies rift reward containing a Drum, along with additional rewards such as a Perk-a-Cola, Aether Tool, or a Classified item like the Mags of Holding.

Upon exiting the Dark Aether through the anomaly portal on stage, players will trigger the next cinematic and complete Countermeasures, earning 10,000 XP and the Monkey Business charm.

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