How to complete Carved of Cornia Stone in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord harbors some of its finest treasures not just within ruins, but concealed behind enigmatic overworld puzzles. Quests like Carved of Cornia Stone exemplify this, requiring Alain and his companions to visit monuments in a specific sequence to claim their reward.

To embark on this quest, you must first locate the Faded Journal concealed within the Cornian ruins. Additionally, ensure that the witch Yahna is part of your party, as she will assist you in this endeavor and other carving quests.

Where to Find the Faded Journal

To claim the reward, you must formally initiate the Carved of Cornia Stone quest within Unicorn Overlord; merely visiting the carvings in the correct order will not suffice. Once you have Yahna, proceed to the eastern outskirts of Cornia, where ruins lie outside Grupont Town.

When the red exclamation mark (!) appears, investigate the ruins to trigger the quest. From here, locate each carving and visit them in the specified order. Attempting to approach them out of sequence will prompt Yahna to intervene. The correct order, if you require a reminder, is “minotaur, mermaid, gryphon, unicorn.”

Where to Find the Minotaur, Mermaid, Gryphon, Unicorn Carvings

The Minotaur

The Minotaur carving is situated quite close to the Cornian capital. Head southwest of Fort Épine Morceaux to locate the Minotaur Carving and initiate the sequence of stone interactions.

The Mermaid

Located near the sea, the Mermaid stone carving in Unicorn Overlord can be found northwest of Fontille Harbor, near the Stone Circle.

The Gryphon

Returning southwest in Cornia, you’ll encounter the Gryphon. Head to Lebouge Hamlet in the swamps and continue westward toward the river to find it.

The Unicorn

Lastly, near Lis de Prairie Village, located southward towards the border with Drakenhold, lies the Unicorn carving.

Carved of Cornia Stone Quest Rewards

Upon successfully locating and interacting with all the carvings in the correct sequence, Alain and his Liberation Army are rewarded handsomely. You’ll receive 1000G in War Funds, along with x5 Honors and 30 Renown.

Most importantly, you’ll obtain the Kingsblade Cornix, a potent early-game weapon for Alain. While it doesn’t introduce any new skills or tactics, it provides a substantial boost with 16 Phys. Attack and +5 to all stats, proving invaluable at this stage.

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