How to change your loadout in Helldivers 2

Democracy relies on Helldivers, and Helldivers rely on top-notch gear to fulfill their duties effectively. With a plethora of weapons and armor available in Helldivers 2, players have ample options to customize their loadouts as they see fit.

You have two primary methods to modify your default loadout in Helldivers 2. The first option is the Armory, a multifunctional area on your ship where you can not only swap equipment but also perform other tasks. However, if you need to make quick changes without delaying your teammates at the Hellpods, there’s another convenient alternative.

The quickest way to change your default loadout in Helldivers 2

As you acquire new gear throughout your journey, your first destination should be the Armory on your ship. Located on the left side of the connecting hallway leading to the bridge, the Armory is easily identifiable by the prominent displays of weapons and an armored mannequin sporting a cape, accompanied by the unmistakable label ‘ARMORY.’

Upon accessing the Armory, you’ll find five categories of options to explore. Focus on ‘Weaponry’ and ‘Armory’ to adjust your default loadout in Helldivers 2, although it’s worth checking out the other tabs as well:

  • ‘Character’ allows customization of your Helldiver.
  • ‘Booster’ presents a list of unlocked Boosters.
  • ‘Career’ tracks your fellow Helldivers’ casualties (proceed with caution).

In the ‘Weaponry’ section, you can select your Primary, Secondary, and Grenade options. Meanwhile, the ‘Armory’ section enables adjustments to your Armor, Helmet, and, of course, your cape, because style matters even in the heat of battle.

Selecting your weapons and armor in the Armory will integrate them into your default loadout before the mission briefing. However, you can still make changes before the mission commences.

How to change your loadout before the mission starts

In the crucial moments before deployment, should you realize the urgent need for a loadout adjustment, fear not! Helldivers 2 offers a final opportunity to modify your default loadout after the drop location is selected.

When presented with the screen to choose your Stratagems, simply press the designated button or key next to ‘Equipment.’ This action will redirect you to a new menu where you can interchange your primary and secondary weapons and tweak your gear as necessary.

Remember that any modifications made to your loadout before the mission will persist throughout that mission. If you wish to revert to your original loadout, it’s advisable to do so at the Armory. However, for subsequent missions, ensure to customize your gear before each new endeavor.

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