How to Change Jobs in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy XIV has stood out in the MMO genre since its resurgence in A Realm Reborn. One distinguishing feature of this MMO is its unique ability to allow players to change classes seamlessly, without the need to create a new character. But how can players accomplish this?

How to change your job in FFXIV

To switch jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, players simply need to equip a weapon from a different class that they have unlocked. If a player hasn’t unlocked the necessary class, attempting to equip the weapon will result in a failure to change jobs.

Once players have equipped the new weapon, they can navigate to the character menu and choose the Recommended Gear option to automatically equip the best gear for the selected class. After setting up the desired gear and class, players can even save this configuration as a gear set for quick and easy swaps. To do this, they can access the Gear Set List option from the Character menu, then click the + icon to add the gear set to a quick swap menu.

While players have the flexibility to switch classes instantly, each class must be leveled up individually. It’s advisable to have multiple classes prepared for various dungeons, raids, and trials. The effort invested in leveling up multiple classes will prove worthwhile in diverse gameplay scenarios.

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