How to capture Merchants in Palworld

Hey Palworld enthusiasts! Ready to master the art of merchant wrangling and turn your base into a bustling hub of commerce? Well, tighten those bootstraps because we’re about to embark on a journey of violent negotiations and strategic captures!

How to Capture Merchants in Palworld

So, you’ve got your eyes on that elusive Merchant, huh? Just like catching Pals, it’s a bit of a dance. Find ’em, battle ’em, and then scoop ’em up in a fancy Pal Sphere. But hold your horses! Starting a tussle with a friendly NPC gives you a Wanted status, and trust me, you’ll have beefy enemies coming for you – high-level showdowns, my friends.

Now, here’s the lowdown on bagging a Merchant:

  1. Find a Merchant: Obvious, right? But hey, they can be a slippery bunch.
  2. Scout and Attack: Be a tactical genius. Approach from a direction that won’t rile up nearby NPCs.
  3. Throw that Sphere: When they’re bruised and battered, unleash the Pal Sphere magic. Pro tip: Use a high-quality one for this grand capture. Regular spheres might cut it, but why settle for less?

Wanted status flashing? No worries. Hop on a flying mount, soar into the sky, and wait it out until those enemies below give up the chase. Smooth criminal moves!

Do Merchants Respawn in Palworld?

Absolutely! Merchants are like the respawn champs of Palworld. Catch or clobber them, and after a few hours of game time, voila! A fresh Merchant takes center stage. It’s like a game of merchant whack-a-mole – they keep popping back up.

Now, with your newly nabbed Merchant, saunter back to your base, assign them the job, and boom! Your base just leveled up in the business game. Chat, trade, and revel in your entrepreneurial prowess right at home sweet home.

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