How to Build Sphere Assembly Line in Palworld

Hey there, fellow Pal enthusiasts! If you’re like me, always on the lookout for the next gaming thrill, you’ve probably dived into the captivating world of Palworld. And if you’re wondering how to set up that magical Sphere Assembly Line, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s unravel the secrets together!

Build Sphere Assembly Line in Palworld

So, you’ve reached Player Level 27, huh? Nice going! Now, it’s time to unlock the Sphere Assembly Line in the Technology tab. Just a heads-up – it’s gonna cost you three precious Technology Points. Once unlocked, head to the Build Menu under the Pal tab, and there it is, shining bright – your Sphere Assembly Line.

But, hold your virtual horses; you’ll need some materials for this magical contraption:

  • 30x Paldium Fragment
  • 50x Wood
  • 100x Ingot
  • 20x Nail

Got the goods? Great! Now, with the help of your Pals, place that Sphere Assembly Line where you want it, and voila! You’re now in the business of crafting Pals-catching Spheres.

How to Use Sphere Assembly Line in Palworld

Now, don’t get too excited. Your Sphere Assembly Line won’t start producing Spheres on its own. It craves electricity, and that’s where the Power Generator comes into play. Unlock it at Player Level 26 with three Technology Points. To build it, gather:

  • 50x Ingots
  • 20x Electric Organ

Power up that Sphere Assembly Line, and you’re officially in the Pal-catching business!

Crafting Spheres – From Basic to Legendary!

Okay, we’ve got the setup, but how do we actually make those awesome Pal-catching Spheres? Fear not, I’ve got the lowdown:

Pal Sphere

Craft it with the Primitive Workbench, the Sphere Workbench, or, you guessed it, the Sphere Assembly Line. Here’s what you need:

  • 3x Wood
  • 3x Stone
  • 1x Paldium Fragment

Mega Sphere

Up your game with the Mega Sphere. Craft it with the Sphere Workbench or the Sphere Assembly Line. Ingredients, anyone?

  • 5x Wood
  • 5x Stone
  • 1x Ingot
  • 1x Paldium Fragment

Giga Sphere

Feeling even more ambitious? Craft the Giga Sphere using the Sphere Workbench or the Sphere Assembly Line. Get ready for this:

  • 7x Wood
  • 7x Stone
  • 2x Ingot
  • 2x Paldium Fragment

Hyper Sphere

Take it to the next level with the Hyper Sphere. Exclusively crafted with the Sphere Assembly Line, of course. Here’s your shopping list:

  • 10x Wood
  • 3x Ingot
  • 3x Paldium Fragment
  • 2x Cement

Ultra Sphere

Now we’re talking! Upgrade to the Ultra Sphere using the upgraded Sphere Assembly Line II. Get these ingredients ready:

  • 5x Paldium Fragment
  • 2x Cement
  • 2x Carbon Fiber
  • 5x Refined Ingot

Legendary Sphere

The pinnacle of Pal-catching glory! Use the upgraded Sphere Assembly Line II and create Legendary Spheres. Gather these goodies:

  • 10x Paldium Fragment
  • 5x Cement
  • 5x Pal Metal Ingot
  • 3x Carbon Fiber

Pro tip: Build a Power Generator next to the Sphere Assembly Line II and let an Electric Element-type Pal charge it up. Now, you’re all set to create spheres of legendary proportions!

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