How to breed Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld

So, fellow Palworld enthusiasts, let’s take a flight of fancy into the realm of flying mounts—those majestic Pals that not only look cool but also zip you across the map at lightning speed. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a collection of these sky-soaring companions?

Enter Vanwyrm Cryst, a fan-favorite flying mount that’s like the cooler cousin of Vanwyrm Fire and Dark-type, swapping out the fiery vibes for a frosty Ice-type twist. Now, you can stumble upon this creature later in your Palworld journey, but why wait when you can get it way earlier through some savvy breeding?

How to Breed Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld

So, if you’re itching to add Vanwyrm Cryst to your collection ASAP, the breeding route is your golden ticket. And guess what? There are only two pairs of Pals that can make the magic happen. Ready for the deets?

  • Foxcicle and Vanwyrm
  • Vanwyrm Cryst and Vanwyrm Cryst

Now, it’s way easier to hunt down Foxcicle and Vanwyrm than trying to stumble upon Vanwyrm Cryst in the wild, so my pro-tip is to roll with the breeding method. Once you’ve got your hands on the right Pals, the process is as straightforward as your go-to gaming strategy.

Here’s the breeding roadmap: Hit level 19, unlock the Breeding Pen, slap down some Cake in it, pick your two chosen Pals, and voila! Soon enough, you’ll be blessed with an egg, ready to hatch in your trusty Egg Incubator. Patience, my friend, because after a bit more time, that egg will hatch into the splendid Vanwyrm Cryst.

Now, for the overachievers out there, you can loop this process until you’ve got both a male and female Vanwyrm Cryst, opening the door to breeding your very own army of these icy wonders. Sure, there might not be a grand reason for a whole squadron, but hey, the option’s there for the adventurous souls.

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