How to breed Shadowbeak in Palworld

Shadowbeak is undeniably a valuable addition to your Pal collection, boasting exceptional combat capabilities. Fortunately, obtaining one doesn’t solely rely on encountering it in the wild; you can also breed it. Here’s a guide on how to do just that!

Palworld Shadowbeak Breeding Guide

Capturing Pals is a fundamental aspect of the game, but it’s not the sole method for expanding your team. You can hatch them right at your base, including the formidable Shadowbeak. However, to accomplish this, you’ll need the appropriate combination of Pals for Breeding and the necessary structures.

To begin, you must unlock and place the Breeding Farm at your base. It’s available in Technology 19 and requires the following materials to construct:

  • Wood x100
  • Stone x20
  • Fiber x50

Once the Breeding Farm is set up, ensure you have a chest containing a piece of Cake placed beside it. Then, introduce one male Pal and one female Pal inside to initiate the breeding process. The ideal combination of Pals to produce a Shadowbeak is one Kitsun and one Astegon. After some time, the pair in the Breeding Farm will yield an egg for you.

Now that you have an egg, you can proceed to the next step: incubation.

To commence the hatching process, you’ll need the Egg Incubator. You can unlock this in Ancient Technology 7 and craft it using the following materials:

  • Stone x30
  • Cloth x5
  • Ancient Civilization Parts x2

Once the Incubator is constructed, place the Egg inside and await the countdown to conclude. Ensure the Egg is maintained at a suitable temperature to expedite the process. Typically, this may take up to a day, but rest assured, your Shadowbeak will hatch soon!

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