How to breed Gobfin Ignis in Palworld

If you’ve reached level 20 in Palworld and unlocked the Breeding Farm, it’s time to dive into the world of Pal breeding. This not only results in stronger Pals but also allows you to obtain familiar Pals with different elements. One such Pal is Gobfin Ignis, and we’ll guide you through the breeding process.

How to Breed a Gobfin Ignis Egg

  1. Find a Gobfin and Rooby:
  • Head to the central grassy area, where both Water-type Gobfins and Roobys are located.
  • Gobfins are catchable at level 20, and Roobys roam around the area south of the Seabreeze Archipelago Church fast travel point.
  1. Breeding Process:
  • Take a regular Water-type Gobfin and a Rooby to your Breeding Farm.
  • Ensure they have space and let them do their thing.
  • Soon, you’ll be the proud owner of a red Gobfin Ignis egg.
  1. Egg Incubation:
  • Place the Gobfin Ignis egg in the Egg Incubator to hatch it.
  1. Alternative Catching Spot:
  • If you prefer not to wait until level 30 to catch Gobfin Ignis on the western coast of Mount Obsidian, breeding is your ideal solution.

Gobfin Ignis: Type, Skills, and More

  • Element: Fire
  • Partner Skill: Angry Shark
  • Description: Attacks the targeted enemy with powerful Spirit Fire. Increases the player’s attack power while in a team.
  • Work Suitability: Kindling level two, Handiwork level one, and Transporting level one
  • Potential Drops: Flame Organ
  • Hunger: 3/10
  • Bio: “Once upon a time, it was a giant and powerful aquatic Pal. However, with the dwindling availability of food, it ventured onto land. As a consequence of burning many calories to walk, it astonishingly awakened its power to control fire.”

Breeding Gobfin Ignis not only expands your collection but also adds a powerful Fire Pal to your arsenal. Good luck, have fun, and remember to be kind to your Pals in Palworld!

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