How to breed Fenglope in Palworld

Some of the most beneficial Pals in Palworld are mounts like Fenglope, which significantly expedite your travels around the world.

Whether you’re aiming to simply add this Pal to your Paldeck collection or striving to acquire one of the premier mounts the Palpagos Islands offer, here’s a guide on breeding a Fenglope in Palworld.

How to get a Fenglope egg in Palworld

The most optimal breeding combination to produce a Fenglope involves pairing a Direhowl with a Melpaca, as these Pals are the most accessible out of the myriad breeding combinations.

  • Melpaca: Predominantly found near the Melon Fields and in the southeast section of the map.
  • Direhowl: Frequently encountered near the Abandoned Mineshaft, Cove Mineshaft, and Verdant Brook.

Other breeding combinations for Fenglope in Palworld

Fenglope can hatch from a Common Egg, which you can create using various breeding combinations in Palworld. Some other straightforward breeding combinations to obtain a Fenglope include the following:

To initiate the breeding process in Palworld and unlock a Fenglope, follow these steps:

  • Unlock the Breeding Farm, which becomes available for allocation of Technology Points at level 19 of the Technology Tree.
  • Prepare a Cake, requiring five Flour, eight Red Berries, seven Milk, eight Eggs, and two Honey.
  • Assign one male Pal and one female Pal from the aforementioned combinations to the Breeding Farm.

Upon completion of these steps, you’ll obtain a Common Egg through any of these breeding combinations. After incubating the egg, the Fenglope will officially join your roster, unlocking its page in your Paldeck. This makes Fenglope one of the easier Pals to breed, as it’s a guaranteed outcome with the right combinations, unlike many others that rely more on luck.

If you prefer not to breed but still desire to add a Fenglope to your collection, you can opt to challenge the Alpha Pal version of Fenglope in a boss fight. Utilize primarily Dark-type Pals for maximum effectiveness during the encounter, then capture it using a Pal Sphere instead of defeating it.

Fenglope stats in Palworld

The Fenglope excels as one of the premier ground mounts due to its exceptional speed and ability to double jump. Additionally, it boasts commendable statistics. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of all the pertinent information regarding Fenglope:

Partner SkillWind and Clouds: “Can be ridden. Can double jump while mounted.”
Work SuitabilityLumbering level two
Potential DropsLeatherHorn
HungerSix out of 10
Bio“In ages past, its beautiful visage was a common sight in paintings. As time passed, its beautiful pelt and antlers were often seen in works of art.”
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