How to breed Bushi in Palworld

Bushi isn’t only a really rad fire samurai Pal, but is also one of the most well-rounded companions in all of Palworld—excelling in everything from battle to kindling and logging.

While there is a level 23 Bushi Alpha Pal that isn’t too tough to attain early on, there is an even simpler method to assure that you get your hands on a Bushi that doesn’t even involve Spheres or RNG. Here is how to breed Bushi in Palworld. No, you don’t need a Bushi to start.

Palworld breeding combinations explained

Breeding in Palworld is incredibly counterintuitive, and I know I personally required the better part of a week to even begin to discover patterns and consistencies. While the principles that breeding follows in this game are quite bizarre, they are entirely constant and really pretty straightforward once you get the hang of them.

  • Breeding two of the same Pal always produces the same offspring. Bushi + Bushi equals Bushi, no matter what.
  • Breeding two separate Pals generates a random yet consistent Pal. This means you may discover a mix of two Pals that have no business creating a Bushi, yet they do. Better better, they will do so every single time. Combos are unpredictable but fixed.

Once you know those guidelines, you can probably readily understand why you don’t need a Bushi to breed a Bushi. Some experimenting may ultimately get you what you’re searching for, but with the hundreds of different combinations, you’re considerably better by checking a list of pairings that breed Bushi. Here is that list.

How to breed a Bushi egg in Palworld

Because so much RNG factors into the Pals you have , it’s tough to state with precision what the most frequent or lowest level Pals that yield Bushi are. I’m going to post this list in the order that I believe is most common to least, so don’t be dismayed if you don’t find any Pals you possess at first. Given how many various pairings complete the job, you almost probably have everything you need already in your Palbox.

Parent oneParent twoOffspring

It’s crucial to remember that these combinations are only the most popular and easiest methods to get a Bushi egg—there are innumerable more ways that you may acquire a Bushi via breeding in Palworld. The parents’ gender will not effect whether or not you receive the same offspring—all that counts is that one male and one female be there.

Bushi hatches from a Large Scorching Egg. Keep an eye on whatever two Pals you’ve placed in the Breeding Farm and wait for when the circle is full. When the breeding is complete, you will discover a Large Scorching Egg resting in the center of the Breeding Farm. This egg will hatch a Bushi after it’s completed incubation.

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