How to breed Astegon in Palworld

Well, well, fellow Palworld explorers, buckle up for the lowdown on Astegon – the elusive late-game Pal that’s a bit like finding treasure, only fluffier. Trust me, tracking down this critter in your base is way cooler than stumbling upon it in the wild.

Now, Astegon isn’t your run-of-the-mill Pal to breed. Nope, it’s a bit of a high-maintenance buddy, demanding Pals of a fancier rarity than most late-game pals. But hey, fear not! There’s a whole bunch of breeding combos to summon Astegon into your Palworld roster.

Palworld Breeding Combinations, Explained

Breeding in Palworld is a bit like playing genetic bingo. If your parents are the same Pal species, you get a junior version of that species – easy peasy. But toss in two different species, and bam, you get a random but predictable offspring. It’s like mixing potions, only fluffier.

The game-changer here: you don’t need an Astegon in your Palbox to breed one. Nope, you just need the secret sauce – the right combo. No need to roll the dice and hope for an Astegon egg; you’ve got the power to make it happen.

How to Breed an Astegon Egg in Palworld

Hold onto your hats, folks. Breeding an Astegon is no walk in the virtual park. It’s tougher than breeding an Anubis, and that’s saying something. Unlike Anubis, who plays nice with common Pals, Astegon eggs are a rare breed. You’ll need some fancy Pals in your breeding arsenal, but fear not – it’s a matter of time.

Here are some of the friendlier Astegon egg recipes I’ve stumbled upon:

  • Cryolinx + Helzephyr = Astegon
  • Cryolinx + Lyleen Noct = Astegon
  • Helzephyr + Orserk = Astegon
  • Suzaku + Relaxaurus = Astegon
  • Pyrin Noct + Shadowbeak = Astegon

Sure, there are other combos, but most involve these Pals or their high-rarity buddies like Necromus. If you’re fresh out of these rarities, I’d suggest taking the Cryolinx to Helzephyr route. It’s like following breadcrumbs in the virtual wilderness.

Or, if you’re feeling bold, go for a Suzaku to pair with an easier-to-snag Relaxaurus. Just a heads up – Suzaku matches Astegon’s breeding challenge level.

The egg that’ll hatch your Astegon is no ordinary egg – it’s a Huge Dragon Egg. Warning: it takes a hot minute to incubate. If you’re not into waiting eons, learn the art of speeding up egg incubation.

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