How To Beat Odin in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The renowned All-father from Germanic mythology, Odin, serves as a formidable Summon residing in the Nibel region of FF7 Rebirth. However, before wielding Odin’s power in battles, one must first prove their worth by overcoming him in combat. Odin unleashes swift and potent attacks that pose a challenge for many players.

FF7 Rebirth Odin Boss Fight Guide

To emerge victorious against Odin in FF7 Rebirth, mastering the art of evasion is imperative. Failure to dodge his assaults prompts the All-father to sound Gjallahorn’s Warning, and persistent failure results in the devastating Zantetsuken, an unblockable and lethal move wiping out your entire team.

While equipping anti-instant kill accessories like Safety Bit may seem like a solution, Odin remains undeterred. However, providing a second chance through gear like Revival Earrings or weapons with the Reprieve Weapon Skill can prove invaluable.

  • Cloud – Buster Sword and Umbral Blade
  • Aerith – Ceremonial Staff

Utilizing the Phoenix Summon is highly recommended when facing Odin. Phoenix’s Reraise ability automatically revives fallen allies, a skill accessible after visiting all of the Phoenix’s Sanctuaries.

Team Composition

Assemble a team capable of swift maneuvers to effectively dodge Odin’s assaults. Characters like Tifa, Red XIII, Cloud, and Yuffie are ideal choices for their agility. Alternatively, units with ranged attacks such as Barret and Aerith can engage Odin from a distance, affording them ample dodging opportunities.

Yuffie proves particularly advantageous in this battle due to her agility, versatility in both melee and ranged combat, and superior speed compared to Barret and Aerith.

Consider employing one of two team compositions:

  • Melee Team – Tifa, Red XIII, Yuffie
  • Ranged Team – Aerith, Barret, Yuffie

Battle Strategy in Odin Boss Fight in FF7 Rebirth

Commence the battle by casting Haste on your team to swiftly accumulate ATB Gauge. Additionally, consider debuffing Odin with status ailments, as he is not immune to certain effects such as Lesser Resistances, Deprotect, Deshell, Debrave, Defaith, and Greater Resistances.

If dodging proves challenging, alternate between characters to minimize damage, as AI-controlled allies can evade some of Odin’s attacks. This strategy mitigates the impact of Gjallahorn’s Warning, distributing the threat among your team.

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