How to beat Bahamut Versa in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Bahamut Versa presents a heightened challenge compared to the standard Bahamut encounter, appearing towards the game’s conclusion. Here’s a guide on defeating Bahamut Versa in Granblue Fantasy Relink, along with some strategies for the boss battle.

How to beat Bahamut Versa boss guide

This battle echoes the confrontation with Proto Bahamut from the initial chapter. Bahamut Versa’s attacks are less predictable, but his movements offer opportunities to strike from the sides or rear. Remain vigilant against his sporadic movements and varied attacks. Mastering his attack patterns and capitalizing on moments of vulnerability when he’s stunned is key. Here’s a breakdown of Bahamut Versa’s attacks and how to counter them.

Hell’s Flare

Bahamut Versa unleashes a wall of fire in a cross shape across the arena. The cross is marked on the ground before the attack but rotates after appearing. Additionally, a shockwave emanates from the attack’s center. Move in the direction of the rotating fire cross and leap over the shockwaves.

Blast Zones

Circular markings indicate the attack area. These markings detonate as the inner circle expands to encompass the outer circles. Exercise caution around the marked circles and anticipate the explosion zones. You’ll have a brief moment before the marked areas erupt.


This charged attack focuses its blast to obliterate everything in its path. To survive, seek refuge in the protective area created by Lyria.

Claw Slam

Bahamut Versa executes a physical attack by slamming the ground with one or both of his claws. At times, he may rise before striking the surface. Position yourself in the center, directly facing Bahamut Versa, to mitigate this attack. Following this move, Bahamut Versa rests his claws on the ground, presenting an opportunity for counterattacks.

Beam Attacks

Bahamut Versa employs two directional beam attacks emitted from his mouth. One is an overhead beam that initially travels horizontally upward. To evade, move forward or backward to avoid the targeted zone. The second attack is a sweeping horizontal beam that traverses the area. Counter it by running in the opposite direction to avoid being struck by the beam.

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