How to Be Completely Safe on Your Ship in Lethal Company

Let’s talk about staying alive on your ship – because, let’s be real, who wants a one-way ticket to respawn-ville?

How to Stay Alive on Your Ship in Lethal Company

Surviving on the ship is a bit like dodging a cosmic bullet. No guarantees, but hey, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves. RNG might throw curveballs, but we’re ready to dance.

1. Eyeless Dogs

So, these doggies can turn your ship into a chew toy. Keep it low-key by tweaking your microphone settings. Crouch, use text chat (dogs can’t read, thankfully!), close doors if pups are lurking, and strategically place whoopie cushions for a symphony of distractions. And if all else fails, become the king of the ship by hopping on top!

2. Masked

Watch out for the masked ones. Keep a shovel or a stop sign handy – a bit unconventional, but effective. And if crewmates start teleporting weirdly, maybe it’s time to dodge that situation. No need for unnecessary drama, right?

3. Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl’s got her own playlist of creepy laughter. If you hear it, don’t turn around! You might get marked, and nobody wants that. Block your vision with a cupboard or turn the Terminal – it’s your shield against spectral surprises.

4. Bees

Bees and spaceships don’t mix well. Don’t keep beehives on board until you’re off the moon. And when you do, strategic placement is key – no noclipping through walls, please!

Best Furniture Layout for Your Ship in Lethal Company

Let’s talk ship layouts because safety can be stylish. From my gaming adventures, here are two ship setups that might save your skin:

Ship Layout 1

Corner spot, Terminal in view, and quick access to the teleporter pod, Loud Horn, and teleport button. Throw in a cupboard to block Ghost Girl’s sneak peeks. Safety and convenience – a winning combo.

Ship Layout 2

Not my top pick, but if you’re into it, it’s a decent choice. Just remember, timing is everything, especially when dealing with forest giants and cosmic forks.

And there you have it, shipmates! Navigate the chaos, use these tips wisely, and may your ship be the safest haven in the galaxy.

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